About A+ Solutions

A+ Solutions (formerly A+ Learning and Development Centers and Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services) provides high quality learning, development and psychological services to schools and families.

For schools, we are here to make your job easier. We collaborate with school administrators to stretch available special-services budgets to meet the needs of the most students with the highest quality programs. We provide:

  • Highly qualified, licensed teachers that help boost students’ reading and math performance through Title I services
  • Licensed professional Speech-Language Pathologists available through state auxiliary funding
  • School based psychology evaluation and treatment from appropriately credentialed psychologists, social workers and counselors
  • Educational problem solving tailored to serve the needs of all types of learners
  • Financial assistance for parents of children with disabilities through the Jon Peterson and Autism scholarships

For families, we are here to make your life easier with:

  • Comprehensive psychological assessments for adults and children that help you better understand yours’ or your child’s circumstances
  • Customized individual treatment services for adults and children to meet your specific needs
  • Individually designed educational services to serve the needs of all types of learners
  • High quality services provided through the Jon Peterson and Autism scholarships

We look forward to continue to provide Solutions wherever you may need them. To learn more about A+ Solutions please contact us at 216-896-0111.

Jon Peterson Scholarship Applications Accepted Until April 15

A+ Solutions is an approved provider for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program. The scholarship gives the parents of children with disabilities the choice to send their child to special education programs other than the one operated by their school district of residence to receive the education and the services outlined in their individualized education program (IEP).

Click here to learn more and apply for the Jon Peterson Scholarship. We can also provide assistance with the application process.

Management and oversight of Federal (Title I) and State (Auxiliary) grant programs providing highly qualified teachers, therapists, and support staff


Evaluation and treatment of marital and family conflict as well as individual treatment for children, teens, and adults


Services focus on identifying each student’s unique learning style and working with parents within the educational system to maximize learning potential


Offering confidential and compassionate psychological services to adults with behavioral, emotional, and stress-related issues